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Web Design Usability

Why Is Web Design Usability So Important?

The importance of web design usability is crucial and should be your main concern when designing a website. Throughout the website design, users should be considered every step of the way. Before you start to design your website, you need to determine the overall targeted group you are hoping to reach. You then need to design your website to cater to that group of individuals.

So, when you have your topic set, your design ready to go, and your targeted group determined, then you are ready to start to design your website. It is really important that the content that you put on the website reflects yourself personally or your organization and is informative to the targeted group that you chose. Keep in mind; you will also have others viewing your website in addition to your targeted group.

Quite often when designing websites, the creator does not consider the importance of web design usability, this can be disastrous. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes made and the poor vision into the usability for the customer:

  • Bad Search: If you have an overly literal search engine this will reduce the usability. It may not be able to handle typos, mis–spelled words, etc. This may become frustrating for the user. An advanced search is okay, yet an ordinary search seeks more responses.
  • Not Changing the Color of Read Text: Quite often, people will forget which link they read. It’s very helpful when the visited link is a different color and then the reader knows where they have been.
  • Non Scrambled Text: This is just plain confusing and extremely difficult to read.
  • Fixed Font Size: Many websites will be designed to fix the font so it can’t be changed by the reader. This is irritating as it is usually smaller font, which can be hard to read.
  • Consistency: This is one of the most important web design musts. When a user is on a website. When a user is on a website and it’s consistently changing, too flashy, too many ads etc., it gets frustrating and many readers will leave to find simplicity.
  • Not Answering Customer’s Questions: This is very important as well. As much as you try, everything may not be listed on your site. Users will pose a question to you and the usability of the site insists you respond.

As you can see the importance of web design usability is huge. For the most part it will dictate whether your website will be a success or not. Many people spend a lot of time online and they want to be informed yet, always comfortable. If the usability of your website is accommodating to the user, then they will likely return and they may even pass the message on to potential customers.

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