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Tips to Clean Your PC and Maximize Speed

clean-your-pc1When you first buy a computer, you are wowed by the fast speeds and new technology.
You can’t believe you wasted your time with your old computer for so long.  This goes on for a while, but then the honeymoon ends. Downloads start taking longer, opening documents takes forever and then your documents crash shortly after; that brand new computer does not seem the greatest anymore. There can be a multitude of reasons this is happening, but often all that needs to be done is to clean out your computer.  How do you clean up your files to get your computer running at top speed again? Here are some tips you can implement at home or in the office.

  • Use tools already in your computer: Disk Cleanup empties your recycle bin, removes any temporary files you have downloaded from the internet and now delete unnecessary system files. You can also choose specific programs that you do not use to delete while keeping others.
  • Install a program cleaner to wipe unused programs: To guarantee that programs are wiped completely off of your computer, it is advised to use a program cleaner.  Piriform has a cleaner and defragger that works exceptionally well. These work in combination to remove unwanted files and fix any issues with files you use.
  • Use these programs weekly to reduce issues: If these programs are only used once every three to four months, it takes the programs a long time to go through out PC. We suggest taking time each week to run these programs to reduce the time the cleaners and defragger has to run.   Additionally, if you run these more often your computer is less likely to slow down in that time period.
  • Create a monthly schedule for document review:  Employees often create so many documents every month that it is nearly impossible to remember them all. Once a month go through your computer and find files that you are unlikely to be used and put into your recycling bin.  When your weekly wipe using the cleaners and defraggers occurs these will be eliminated from the computer. This will free up more space on your computer and not hinder your processor.
  • Turn off start up programs: Does it seem like your PC takes forever to start up and run functionally? This may be because you have too many programs running during start up. Go to your system configuration, find startup then uncheck items that do not need to be opened during startup.
  • Remove Malware and Spyware:  It is highly recommended that you run an antivirus program on your computer. Any malware or spyware that may be on your computer not only leaves your personal information at risk but also slows your computer down. Setup your antivirus program to schedule checks for these items and wipe them immediately if found.

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