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Tech Tips

Three things to do before you call your computer tech.

Imagine this, you are trying to get an email out and you keep clicking the send button over and over, but nothing happens. You click different areas on your computer and still nothing happens. Maybe the same thing happens with your internet service. You launch your web browser and there is no connection or it is running very slow. Here are three tips on possibly resolving the issue.

Power down your computer

This doesn’t actually mean a restart from the Windows start menu will do the trick. Perform a complete shutdown until all the power is completely off. Press the power button and let the computer completely power up before using it. This is necessary because the computer uses RAM (random-access memory) for everything. RAM is like short term memory for your computer. It takes bits and pieces of information and holds them until the computer requires them and then “dumps” them. Because your computer uses this for many different functions, your computers RAM can get rather cluttered and rebooting your computer, then restarting your programs give everything a nice fresh start.

Reboot your network devices, switches and routers

The same thing that happens with your RAM can happen with your network devices such as switches and routers. Restarting a switch or router can truly free up a lot of network issues. Find the power buttons for your devices (some do not have one, and you can simply unplug the power cord) and power the device down, wait 15 seconds and power the device back on. A majority of the time you will find your network functions moving much faster.

Reboot your cable or DSL Modem

This is the same process as your network devices. Find the power button or if it doesn’t have one the power cord. Power the device down for 15 seconds. This is the most common reason your network may not be working or your internet may be running slow.

If you have any questions, such as where these devices are and would like a walk through, give us a call here at VBL!

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