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Tech Gifts for 2011

Christmas is right around the corner

Decorating, holiday parties, and shopping is officially upon us. Purchasing gifts for other people is no easy task. If you know that your recipient enjoys the latest tech items, there are many gifts related to technology out there to choose from. Here are some top gifts for the loved ones on your list that will surely make them smile.

The movie watcher or online shopper: Apple iPad 2

There is no doubt it, the iPad 2 will be a hot item this holiday season. If the $500 price tag will work in your budget, you won’t go wrong with this gift choice, for almost anyone on your list. They can watch Netflix movies, download and convert DVD’s, browse the internet and much more.

For the sports enthusiast: Contour Camera

Everyone loves to watch videos of themselves and loved ones. Camcorders now are very small and compact so capturing great moments in life has been made easier. This particular model camera is rugged and designed for HD video footage during any extreme sports including those under water. It has a mounting system for use on handle bars or a helmet and storage available up to 32GB with 8 hours of footage. With this device, “extreme” memories can be captured for about $200.

For the reader: Kindle Fire

Released in mid November, this is a tablet that will be a holiday hit for an array of reasons. It has hit the shelves at $199.00, a reasonable price for a tablet. When compared to the iPad, it is smaller at 7 inches but it has many of the same functionality you would expect out of a tablet. With a dual core processor, it uses a 3G and/or WiFi connectivity and storage varying from 4GB to 8GB. Its functions include web browsing, apps, movies, magazines, and much more.

You may also want to check out the other Kindle models. From the traditional e-reader Kindle for $79 to the Kindle Fire, there are a few models with different options according to your price range.

A Gift of Better Sleep: Zeo

Why not give the gift of a better night sleep? Zeo Sleep Manager works with both iOS and Android operating systems and is designed to allow tracking and improving quality of sleep on a smart phone. For those interested in learning more about their stages of sleep, this is a great gift idea for around $100.

Apple iPhone 4S

It’s true, the Apple iPhone is quite a device and a great gift for this holiday season. It has amazing hardware with dual-core CPU and an 8-megapixel camera but, it also comes preloaded with Siri. You can choose from 3 storage flavors (from 16GB to 64GB) and in black or white. Yes, it is quite pricey but you get quite a bang for the buck. It has the highest resolution display in a smartphone, and if your loved one’s business or lifestyle requires the very best in phone features, this one is a popular choice.

For the Health conscience: Pocket Pedometer with Omron Health Management System

This is a great stocking stuffer idea for fitness gurus that want to track their steps and overall health for under $50. Also available, are options including blood pressure and heart rate monitors. What a great way to start the New Year!

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