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Tech for 2017: Trend Changes and the Latest Gadgets

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In 2016 we saw the initiation and growth of a range of technology and devices. We expect 2017 to be the year that many of these technologies go mainstream and become integrated into our lives. Below are a few of the top technologies that will be trending in 2017:

Live Video

Facebook started its live video streaming in 2016, and Instagram followed shortly after. Both have started to take off, but we expect huge growth in these platforms and for other platforms to integrate live video too.  As perfectly tailored and edited content becomes less exciting to viewers, live video brings back authenticity and connection.

Amazon Go

Amazon recently announced the upcoming launch of its first grocery store, Amazon Go, to open in Seattle that will be the first no line/no register store. Customers are tracked by their smart phone when they enter and leave the store, and the advanced technology can track and tell which items you take with you.  The items are added to your virtual cart and charged to your account when you leave the store with them.  This technology could go far in 2017 and shape the future of our in-store shopping experiences.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have gained popularity this year.  Snapchat and Pokemon Go brought AR to life for many users, and Oculus Rift released a headset that allows users to begin experimenting with VR. We expect 2017 to be a year of big growth for these technologies that are just starting to appear and become available mainstream. These technologies will continue to change and become better and more integrated into our lives in the coming years.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is on the rise, with everything from smart thermostats and doorbell cameras to personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa that respond to and follow your voice commands. Most of these smart home technologies are just making breakthroughs in the marketplace and are expected to increase as home owners adapt to the new technology.

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