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Is Your Business Ready for a Server?

server-sm2As a successful business owner, you may find that you are at the business growth stage of needing to have a dedicated server. A server will help you run your business more efficiently, keep your data more secure, and communicate more professionally and effectively with your customers. A server acts as a single specialized computer that ensures all of the computers connected to it have access to the resources, information, and systems they need –  faster, and with fewer problems. It also acts as a centralized manager to make sure data is secure and organized.

Now is the time to get serious about planning for your future growth.  Here are four signs your business is ready for a server.

1) Your computer systems are running slow or you are consistently receiving error messages.

Whether by minutes or hours, work productivity is lessened due to computer issues. In the long run this can cost your business money.

2) You are planning to add employees, open a remote location or add an additional office.

By being proactive and planning ahead for the future success of your business, you will save yourself money in the long run.

3) You need to access company information and resources while away from the office.

With the increase of mobile apps and the “always on” business mentality, having a dedicated server where you can access all of your company’s information and resources whenever and wherever you need can increase productivity and professionalism.

4) You need to allow employees to share databases and other software tools.

By having a central access point for information instead of having to hunt down various files and data on various computers on your network, you will increase productivity within your company.

ROI trends show that if the technology in your office is not simplifying your business and making it easier for you to get more done with fewer employees, it’s costing you a lot more than the price of a server. A faster processor and a faster hard drive with greater capacity allow you to open and use applications faster, saving a few minutes every hour. Information is centralized, which saves a few more minutes every hour in finding files. With less hang-ups and crashes, productivity will also increase.

Each of these little things adds up to significant employee hours saved over the course of a year. IT outsourcing costs would also be decreased because a properly configured and maintained client-server network is far easier to support and troubleshoot. All of this translates into higher return on your technology investment and should benefit your bottom line.

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