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Social Media and Your Business

Social-Media-WhyIt is true the old conventional ways of advertising are in the past. They worked then for marketing and advertising but they don’t hold a candle to the style of social media advertising we have today. As with any new trend you need to jump on what everyone else is doing. Social media is the new wave of advertising and the potential is infinite.

Whether you have a small or large business it can be improved by using the social media. Think about it. Why would you not want to advertise somewhere where over 500 million people a day frequent? That’s right 500 million! Many people think that this social media craze is just a fad and will soon move away to something else. Sadly these will probably be the businesses that don’t succeed. With any business, advertising yourself and your products is the key to your success or failure. The proper use of the social media will enrich your business; failure to use it in some way is just plain silly.

One of the problems seems to be that many businesses tend to see social media as an individual tool, one that people use to communicate and have fun. This is definitely the truth but they also need to see it as part of the strongest and most effective marketing tool they could have for their business. Not only is social media the best place to advertise your services and/or products to an incredibly large audience, it is also a great tool for communication to everyone associated with your business. This most importantly includes all your employees as well.

The key to starting this is to look at marketing with social media, then integrate it into your business and make it a functioning part, not something that is just an addition. This is paramount and will go a long way in solidifying the relationship between your business and all others you are in contact with, regardless of who they are. After you know what you are marketing, research who your target audience is. You’re not going to spend time selling ice cream to Eskimo’s. The social media arena is made up of many different audiences, and you need to define and locate yours.

Another key is to be prepared before getting on board. Many see the excitement surrounding social media with all of its potential and jump right in without getting organized. Once you have defined and located your audience, then you need to have a clear and precise goal to work towards. You need to know exactly what you want to achieve through this marketing tool. With any form you are advertising through, researching demographics is essential. Once you have done these things, then you are ready to apply the tools of social media and how they can work for your business. Be creative, positive and interactive; let the tool work for you and with your company.

Getting into the social media world of marketing should not be a hard decision for businesses to make. Not implementing such an effective tool to your business will make it very hard for your business to be competitive against those that do. Look at social media as a long term strategy, something for the present and future of your business. Take all the components and utilize them to the best of your ability. Not only can it help your business improve, you will have a little fun while doing so.

Brett McIntyre, Web/Creative Director

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