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Why not pirate?

Everyone loves Captain Jack Sparrow. And what’s not to love? Daring, romantic, adventurous and funny. He entertains and grabs the hearts of women young and old.

However, have you ever wondered how the people he was stealing from felt when their ship didn’t come in and all the profits they had invested in and hoped for sailed away in the Black Pearl?

Now you may not be sailing the seas, taking down ships and flying your Jolly Roger, but you may be a pirate just the same. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am speaking of pirating illegal media such as music and movies.

To begin, let’s set aside the obvious reasons not to download illegal media such as music and movies. Let’s not mention the fact that, at home or in your work place, it can cause your internet to come to a slow crawl for you and for everyone else. Or that many of the “free” programs come with nice little back doors for viruses, or can be taking much more from you than they give. Or think about the Minnesota Mom who got hit with a $1.5 Million fine for downloading 25 songs payable to Capital Records, about $62,500 per song, when the two CDs worth of music would have only cost her $24.00. Ok, it got lowered to $54,000, but I am sure that didn’t make her feel any better!

Let’s consider this not from the faceless corporate giant we like to think we are sticking it to, but to the artist. The musician person who risked it all to make it, and can finally make a living with it, only to have someone figure it is not worth the ninety-nine cent download to be able to listen to it whenever we like. How would we feel if that were us?

Make no mistake, the Minnesota case is only the beginning. Nothing you do on the internet is as private as it feels as you download away. When money is involved and media pirating continues to become more and more popular, the companies loosing revenue are highly motivated to use your own computer to find you.

So, isn’t it better to purchase your music in a legitimate way? Vendors such as iTunes will even allow you to download the music you purchased a second time if your computer crashes, and that is not something you will get with the illegal vendors.

So keep your entertainment legitimate, if not for the artist, for yourself.

By Dave Ianetta, Senior VBL Technician

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