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VoIP phone systems

Much more than an emerging technology at this point, VoIP systems have now become the standard for all modern telephone systems. VoIP systems have matured very rapidly and have been widely adopted by businesses of all sizes.

VBL has been involved in Voice over IP technology since its infancy and have developed the skills and expertise over the years to successfully design and implement VOIP solutions. We have helped many businesses make the transition and realize the many benefits it provides.

Why Consider a VoIP System:

  • Businesses get the same quality as always and get more benefits than ever
  • Monthly saving over traditional phone services can be substantial
  • VoIP systems can utilize your existing data infrastructure saving expensive cabling requirements and specialized electronic devices
  • Unified Communications makes employees more productive by simplifying the tools needed for phone calls, voicemails, email, fax, video conferencing, messaging, and more
  • Branch offices, telecommuters, and field personnel can all be empowered with all the tools of a modern office no matter where the work

Are you wondering what all the fuss about VoIP is when it comes to phone systems? Do you have an older legacy phone system that is limited in features yet support costs continue to go up? Let VBL show you a better way.

Millions of businesses have discovered there is a new way to handle their communications. There are many different names for it: Voice over IP (VoIP), Unified Communications, IP Telephony, etc. If your company is in the market for a new phone system and/or looking to reduce telecommunications expenses, you should be looking at this technology.

Data Services

data-backupVBL has been in the business of protecting data for many years with a proven
track record when it matters most. We work with you to design a custom solution that ensures you have the level of protection needed to safeguard your business.

We stand by our clients and provide the support needed to recover as quickly as possible if and when an issue occurs. The actions taken within the first 4 hours after a system interruption are frequently the difference between survivability and business failure.

How quickly could you recover should a disaster occur? Be certain with a PrimeGuard service plan from VBL Technologies.

In most businesses the information created, shared, and stored is absolutely mission critical. Yet roughly 75% of all businesses are still using an ineffective or incomplete backup solution to protect their company’s vital data.


What is the difference between a “file” based backup and an “image” based backup?

A file based backup is the traditional backup method that has been used for many years. In this method, only certain files (typically your critical data) are selected for backup protection. This is a good choice for cloud based backups as the total size of your backup is kept to a minimum, keeping costs down. An image based backup is newer technology that backups your complete system, including your operating system, applications, custom configuration and, of course, your data. This method provides the absolute quickest recovery times available as you are able to restore your total environment back to the way it was almost instantly, getting your business back up and running.

Whether it’s implementing VoIP services or backing up your company’s data, VBL Technologies is here to assist you. VoIP has the ability to save your business from traditional phone service costs while providing a superior experience, simply because it uses your existing internet network. Give your business the edge it needs with VoIP and data services!

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