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On page SEO vs. off page SEO

Search engine optimization deals with two techniques, on page optimization and off page optimization. These are crucial for any company that focuses on a good website. If a website is good in these two search engine optimization process, then more than likely the website will be ranked high.

These two factors determine the quality of the website and search engines like Google consider these two factors as an essential. Let us grasp the difference between on and off page optimization. Let us start first with on page optimization.

On page optimization:

With on page optimization, Structure and content is the most important aspect. It deals with the code and design level that helps the search engine spiders to index them. There are four factors involved in on page optimization and they are title tag, meta tag description, keyword density and URL structure. Title tag is an area on the web page and it shows the title of the website on the top of the internet browsers. The users should use the appropriate title tag that relates the business of the website so that both the users and the search engines can view it easily. Meta tag description largely shows the basic description of the website and it is a part of web page coding that plays an important role in web ranking.

Content is King. Keywords, as by its name, are the key words used for your business and the way you focus or use the keyword on the website reflects in your page ranking. For a good ranking, the maximum keyword density limit is 3% to 7% and it should not be over utilized on the web page. That is seen as spam by major search engines.

Off page optimization:

Many people develop the website and then forget to do off page optimization. If you do like this, it’s a big mistake and for good page ranking. Doing off page optimization is essential. It is a technique that helps search engines to discover your web page, basically making your site more important than your competitors. It involves factors such as link building, bookmarking and blogging. The main difference between these two techniques is that the on page optimization requires some technical knowledge whereas off page optimization does not. It is very time consuming. You are conveying a message to the world and search engines that you have a started a website for this particular reason and particular product. If you do this properly, then your product or business will be listed top in the search engines.

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