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October Is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

pexels-photo-2October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which aims to educate the public through events and initiatives to raise awareness about cybersecurity. In today’s world, we are more connected than ever and the internet plays a role in many aspects of our lives. NCSAM was created to provide tools and resources to help people stay safe online and decrease the chances of falling victim to a cyber incident. Whether you are downloading an app or shopping online, practicing good cybersecurity is more important than ever. Each week of October is dedicated to a theme that will focus on the consumer’s needs regarding cyber safety.

Week 1: Oct 3-7

STOP: THINK: CONNECT: This theme is dedicated to the basic steps to online safety and security. All internet users must learn how to stay secure online by preventing and responding to identity theft and scams. This week shares methods to ensure our home networks are secure and how to manage the security of our mobile devices. Users should STOP to make sure they have security measurements enabled on their devices, THINK about their online activities and behavior, and CONNECT to enjoy the internet after they have followed safety precautions.    

Week 2: Oct 10-14

From the Breakroom to the Boardroom: This week focuses on creating a culture of cybersecurity in the workplace. All organizations are at risk for data breaches and being targets for cybercrime. Cybercrime can result in stolen property, attacks on infrastructure, and identity theft. This week promotes educating your workplace on potential attacks through training emphasizing risk management, resilience, and resistance.

Week 3: Oct 17-21

Recognizing and Combating Cybercrime: The third week of NCSAM discusses fighting cybercrime by collaborating with government agencies, law enforcement, and the public. This week focuses on the awareness of different types of crimes that can occur online, including cyberstalking, terrorist recruitment, identify theft and harassment. Potential careers in fighting cybercrime will be showcased and how we can work together to combat online crime.

Week 4: Oct 24-28

Our Continuously Connected Lives: This theme will discuss how the internet is evolving to a network that connects everything to the individual. We learn the importance of cybersecurity for the advancement of technology and how the public can keep their devices secure. This week will examine our future in a digital world and learn strategies for safety, security, and privacy.

Week 5: Oct 31

Building Resilience in Critical Systems. The last day of NCSAM will be dedicated the importance of critical infrastructure and discuss the roles the public has in keeping it secure. The internet is a factor in almost every aspect of our lives from communicating to running electricity. This week will discuss the significance of properly securing our internet systems and how to protect the growing network.

In today’s internet driven world, everyone should incorporate the STOP.THINK.CONNECT philosophy when using the internet. Everyone has their role in securing their online devices and keeping the internet safe. If you need IT advice or help, call VBL Technologies and we will be happy to assist and keep you computing safely.


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