Web Design Usability

Why Is Web Design Usability So Important?

The importance of web design usability is crucial and should be your main concern when designing a website. Throughout the website design, users should be considered every step of the way. Before you start to design your website, you need to determine the overall targeted group you are hoping to reach. You then need to design your website to cater to that group of individuals.


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Data Backup

Why Should I Back Up My Data?

Whether it is for a corporation or an individual data is important to everyone. In today’s world almost everything is stored on one’s computer. In some instances, information is being transferred back and forth every minute. Yet, most of us do not think seriously about data backup to protect our valuable information. Unfortunately, when we do consider data backup it may be too late; after something catastrophic happens to our systems.


Google Analytics

You Can’t Go Wrong With Google Analytics.

Surprisingly enough, it seems a lot of people a web site do not use Google Analytics. We will do our best to get the word out. Let’s face it Google can do a lot for your web site. Google Analytics is a free offering; an amazing tool that tells you information on your website traffic.


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This month VBL is giving away one $25 gift card to Harris Teeter. The upcoming holiday season is right around the corner. Be the 23rd person to find the image and you will win a Harris Teeter gift card from VBL Technologies.

Congratulations to Leslie Moore with Resort Realty on winning the $25 gift card to The Front Porch Cafe.

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We would like to welcome Calleigh Sheehan to Paveya, a division of VBL Technologies, as our new Marketing Coordinator.

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