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New Year’s Resolution For Your Computer?

Yes, You Heard That Right.

it-pic-jan-2012Whenever people think about New Year’s Resolutions they are always thought of in the context of personal topics. However, there are other things you can and should also resolve to do, and issues regarding your computer should be one of them.

Think about it; if your PC crashes or starts to slow down considerably it could have quite an adverse effect on you, especially if you make a living working on your computer. In this article we will go into six (6) things you can do to make sure your computer is performing the best it can in the New Year.

Cut Out Unnecessary Programs That Start When You Boot Up

If you are experiencing slow startup times with your computer, there is a pretty good chance that there are programs, and sometimes a lot of them, that are starting up when you begin your boot process. There are good software programs out there that can help you edit what starts up when you turn your PC on. Once you are able to identify them and stop them in their tracks you will very likely find your computer booting up a lot quicker.

Keeping Your Software Updated

For whatever reason, many computer users (probably the majority of them) ignore software update notifications when they see them, thinking that they will do it in their own sweet time. Bad idea; it is of the utmost importance that when you receive these advisories, you indeed take the time to install these updates. Not only are they vital to the speed and functionality of your computer, but they often also address important security issues that may have arisen.

Make Sure Your Virus Protection Stays Updated

This one is a biggie. It never ceases to amaze us how many people seem to think that their virus protection software lasts forever. Or worse, there are some users who have no anti-virus program at all! You need to know that virus protection programs usually are good for one year and you have to renew your subscription annually to keep your PC safe. Not doing this could cause problems like identity theft, your bank accounts compromised and a whole lot more.

Make Sure You Are Defragmenting On A Regular Basis

This is yet another area where many users are negligent. In addition to excessive programs in your start menu, slow and sluggish performance may also mean that you need to defragment your computer. What this serves to do is organize your files neatly and increases the speed at which you are able to access data. You can easily take care of this by having your computer programmed to defragment on a regular basis. Make sure the computer is on at that time.

external-dard-driveKeep Your Files Backed Up
This one cannot be emphasized strongly enough. If you have ever lost important data on your computer you can surely relate to this. The solution is really quite simple. Back up your files, especially the most important ones on a regular basis (at least weekly) by way of CD, DVD, Flash Drive, External Hard Drive or even one of the offsite storage programs available. Never leave all of your data in just one place, that is a recipe for disaster.

Blow Out All That Dust In Your Computer

If you only knew how much dust is lurking around inside your PC or laptop, it would astound you. Now, laptops are a little more difficult to do this with, but it is certainly doable regardless of which type of computer you have. And if it seems overwhelming to you, there are computer service people who can do it for you and quite affordably at that.

So…there you have it. Useful tips to incorporate into your computer usage for the New Year. Adapt these resolutions and your laptop/PC will surely love you for it. And it will also make computing much easier and your device probably last a lot longer too.

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