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Mobile Marketing

Why your Business Should Use Mobile Marketing Today?

Mobile Marketing is on the cutting edge of marketing your business. It can be catered to your specific industry to allow businesses to send and receive information instantly. Whether you are in the restaurant business or are an educator, mobile marketing can generate business and get important information pushed out in no time at all.

If you are in the Real Estate industry you can give potential clients information on any listing immediately. Eliminate the wait and give viable buyers the information they want instantly with mobile marketing. Information on any listing can be accessed 24/7. Realtors simply choose a key word or a QR code that identifies the property. The customer then scans the QR code, with their smart phone, or text messages with a short code attached to the keyword. Every keyword will be set up with a custom automated response about a particular listing.

Education administrators can use mobile marketing to keep students and parents informed with text notifications. You can choose who receives information or send a school wide mass text notification. Send out a text notification in event of an emergency, inclement weather, athletic events, terrorist alerts, and much more.

Restaurant owners and managers can generate revenue for the very same night by using mobile marketing and mobile coupons. You can offer coupons, advertise the daily specials, and advertise special events and entertainment. By sending out mobile coupons you can entice more potential customers to come to your restaurant.

Doctors’ offices and medical professionals can stop wasting valuable time and save money by using SMS text appointment reminders. Reduce the no show rate by sending to your patient a text reminding them of the date and time of their appointment. Retain and increase your revenue with a professional and detail orientated disposition by using SMS text appointment reminders.

If you are a retailer mobile marketing with mobile coupons would generate instant results. Get the news out about a sale or special event in seconds. No need to worry about the customer losing their coupon or forgetting about the sale. Everything they need is right there in their cell phone. Generate business with new and existing customers by offering incentives, free gifts, discounts, and sending reminders about sales and special events.

Mobile Marketing has many more uses for a variety of businesses. Use mobile marketing for your church to send out the warship schedule or send out daily bible verses. Send out automated appointment reminders for your salon or spa. Promote your bar or club by sending out nightly specials. Use mobile marketing for your radio station, magazine, or TV station by creating two way communications between you and your customer and be effective with your marketing by always being available to the audience.

Mobile marketing is a very effective way to reach customers in any kind of business. Mobile marketing is a smart and efficient way to market your business and generate revenue. Contact VBL Technologies for more information today!

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