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Do Mobile Coupons Really work?

The answer is yes! Mobile coupons have shown incredible results for many businesses. In addition to increased revenue for your business you can build your mobile database, Determine ROI, offer a variety of different coupons and specials, increase customer loyalty, and save on printing and mailing costs.

You can also track and gather statistics and data on which campaigns are bringing in the most revenue. And, because of the relatively inexpensive nature of mobile marketing, when implemented correctly, your business could generate revenue from day one.

mobile_couponDid you know that 97% of mobile coupons are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them? And most of mobile coupons have a 30% redemption rate. By, using mobile coupons you can generate sales during a slow sales period.

The mobile audience is a huge one. In 2007, an estimated 350 billion text messages were sent with half of those text messages being sent by users 35 and over. In recent reports, by ABI research and JupiterResearch, statistics shown that 63% of consumers feel that a coupon is the most invaluable form of mobile marketing. The reports also determined that this year, 2011, 87 billion dollars in sales would be generated by 3 billion mobile coupons. You can’t discredit facts and statistics mobile marketing is here to stay in a big way.

Many businesses expressed concern about alienating the customer by coming off as a spammer. Through, opt-in programs this problem is immediately solved. This also gives you the ability to build a very high quality contact list. When consumers volunteer for coupons and other notifications you can target certain demographics very easily and efficiently. By, having this data you can even link certain products to certain demographics by sending certain customers specific product coupons.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore recently ran a secret sale promoting the sale only through e-mail and SMS texts. The furniture retailer sent out 6,000 texts including digital coupons for discounts on furniture, accessories, and other items. The sale ran for only four days. The furniture giant generated $138,460 in revenue. $85,434 of the revenue was directly related to SMS text messages and $53,022 to e-mail.

Charlie Malouf, co-owner and COO of Ashley Furniture HomeStore of Charlotte, North Carolina and upstate South Carolina, had this to say about the results “We have been most surprised with the revenue generated from a simple 160-character text message with a sale offer. No doubt about it, this has been a game changer for us. With two simple SMS campaigns, we’ve generated over $100,000 in new business.”

Mobile marketing is an efficient form of marketing any way you put it. Saves time and money while generating huge results for businesses. The proof is in the pudding mobile marketing works and is here to stay. For more information about mobile coupons and other avenues of mobile marketing call VBL Technologies today!

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