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Mobile apps that make a difference

Over 42% of all Americans uses a smartphone

verizon-androidMobile apps are an exciting and influential form of innovative technology. In such a short amount of time, apps have made it into the lives of millions of people by way of smartphones and tablets. From time-saving productivity tools to games you can’t put down, there is an array of phone apps available and ones to suit every lifestyle. Some were designed to make our lives more efficient and others, just provide good entertainment.

Here are a few of the apps for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android that are fresh, innovative and could potentially make a difference.

Meal Snap

Designed for the iOS platform, Meal Snap can estimate the amount of calories in a dish by a simple snapshot of your meal. Simply take a picture with your phone and voilá! Food tracking has never been easier. Keep watching for augmented reality apps. They can be seen in all aspects of life from travel to product identification to translation.


The latest version of Fring for iPhone and Android is the first to offer free, mobile group video calls with up to four people at once. Most smartphones now include a front-facing camera to enable easy, video chatting making this a good app to have in today’s business world.


This free Android app puts your phone on speakerphone automatically when it is laid down on a flat surface and back to headset as you pick it up. You can also turn the phone upside down and use it like a microphone.

Gesture Search

Gesture Search allows you to search your Android phone by drawing gestures on the touch screen. You can quickly find a contact, a bookmark, an application or a music track on your device without using your keyboard.

Nursery Rhymes

You can now read a book to a loved one from anywhere in the world via an iPhone or iPad. As you read the story, the recipient on the other end can interact with beautiful graphics and listen to you on the other end. This $4 app is a must have for traveling parents. Could user-generated video be the next step?

TWCable TV app

Time Warner cable video subscribers can watch selected cable TV channels on their iPads over their home Wi-Fi connection, for free. There are some disputes from Viacom but select channels continue to run and Dish and Comcast have similar offerings.

Kristen Salitore, Office Manager

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