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Why Manage Your Own Content?

There are several reasons for creating a content management system. CMS makes the web more usable. It breaks the barriers to entering content and it makes it a lot easier to launch a site and keep it updated to get more out of it.


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Pirating Music

Everyone loves Captain Jack Sparrow. And what's not to love? Daring, romantic, adventurous and funny. He entertains and grabs the hearts of women young and old.

However, have you ever wondered how the people he was stealing from felt when their ship didn't come in and all the profits they had invested in and hoped for sailed away in the Black Pearl?


Social Media

Do you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account for your business? Well now is the time to get on board with a Social Media campaign.


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This month VBL is giving away one free year of data backup up to 20GB total. If you've ever had a hard drive go down you will know how valuable this is. Be the 21st person to find the image and email us and you’ll win a free year of professional data backup services.

Congratulations to Dana Usilton with Outer Banks Heating and Cooling on winning the free year of virus protection.

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