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It is true the old conventional ways of advertising are in the past. As well as they worked then for marketing and advertising they don't hold a candle to the style of social media advertising we have today. As with any new trend you need to jump on what everyone else is doing. Social media is the new wave of advertising and the potential is infinite.


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Taking the time to learn about Outlook

So you purchased a new computer and it included the new Microsoft Outlook 2010. Or perhaps you even hired VBL Technologies to bring your old Outlook express into your new computer environment. Your emails are there, you know how to create a new one, manage the old one with folders and perhaps you even know how to archive old emails for later use.


Benefits of Utilizing SEO Specialists

Technology and the Internet Revolution have taken the world by storm and make additional advances each and every day. Many companies rely on computers and the internet for almost all aspects of their business, branching from individual tasks to company databases. Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in this equation and your business.


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This month VBL is giving away a $25 gift card to the Front Porch Cafe for a little pick me up for our busy season. Find the small coffee cup and email us and you’ll win a $25 gift card to the Front Porch Cafe.

Congratulations to Kurt Canning, of Hutchins Allen & Company, P.A. on winning the Home Depot gift card.


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