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Google+ vs. Facebook

Google has recently unleashed one of the newest social media sites on the net, and it has been experiencing massive growth. This site is called Google+, and it has become the biggest rival to social networking giant, Facebook, in recent years. Google+ is available for anyone who has a Google account, and it’s absolutely free. Google+ is a little bit different than Facebook, but many people believe that these changes are a good thing.

google-plus-youThe biggest complaint that people had with Facebook is privacy. Google+ lets you choose what people get to see by letting you add things to Google+ circles. All you have to do is categorize your friends into a circle, and then share your content with that particular circle. Your image is preserved, and your privacy is more protected than it would be with Facebook.

With Google+, you don’t have to friend someone if you don’t want to. You are not forced to share anything with them, and many people think that this is actually a lot less socially damaging than Facebook’s current mode. You can also completely ignore people who have added you on Google+ if you feel like the posts that you have been getting are just clogging up your email, your status posts, or your streams. Basically, you can shut people out without hurting their feelings, and that can’t be done on Facebook or MySpace.

Starting out with Google+ is pretty easy. All you have to do is log on to Google and click on the +You tab on the top of the page. Write a little blurb about yourself on your profile, post some photos of yourself, and find your friends on Google+ using their tools on the site. The “population” of the Google+ social site is growing by thousands every day, so if your friends aren’t on it right now, don’t worry. Sooner or later, they are probably going to sign up as well. If you need any help creating a Facebook or Google + Account call VBL Tech for assistance today!

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