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Disaster Recovery

data-recoveryWhat plan will you follow when disaster strikes?

Will your employees know what to do and where to go for information?

Businesses of all types on the Outer Banks and Eastern North Carolina have become increasingly dependent on computers and technology. Whether it is simple back office applications like accounting and inventory or highly visible customer interactions over the Internet, the need for business technology to be up and functional all the time is critical.

When properly planned and implemented, a disaster recovery plan makes possible the retrieval of lost data and the resumption of system operations.

Such procedures are a critical part of computer operations at all levels, especially those involving the storage of long-term or permanent records on electronic media. A solid disaster recovery plan may also be critical to the fulfillment of audit requirements and the maintenance of audit trails in fiscal systems.

For many applications, multiple copies and/or generations of backups may be required.

One of the requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley Act is that systems containing financial data be backed up periodically, that the backup media is stored in a secure off-site location and requires that periodic test be run to prove that financial systems can be recovered from backup in the event a disaster strikes.

The purpose of the disaster recovery plan is to provide a means to: (1) restore the integrity of the computer systems in the event of a hardware/software failure or physical disaster, and (2) provide a measure of protection against human error or the inadvertent deletion of important files.

Whether you’re planning for the future or recovering from a disaster, we can design and implement effective solutions. Contact us to discuss your network, data and computer disaster recovery needs.

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