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A Cloud-Based IT Services Platform

Designed to PROTECT and MANAGE Windows servers

We’re passionate about our clients and our technology solutions. By replicating entire Windows production environments into the Shadowcloud, our plat-form allows our clients to increase recovery time and maximize uptime.

Hundreds of companies depend on Shadowcloud to protect their business critical windows servers in the cloud. With Shadowcloud you get more from the cloud. It is safe, secure, and available anytime you need it.

A subscription to the Shadowcloud enables you to manage your Windows’ servers with greater efficiency. Features include:

Server Backup and Recovery: In the event of a server failure you can quickly restore backup images, ensuring you stay up and running. Server images are backup daily to the Shadowcloud’s SAS70 Type II secure data centers.

Server Migrations: We automate 75% of the migration process, allowing you to accelerate deployment and reduce costs.

Production Testing: Provison servers, perform upgrades, test changes, deploy patches virtually before you make changes to production.

How does it work?

With the simple installation of a host agent on the server, a full image of the server can be uploaded over the internet or shipped on a disk where it is replicated to Shadowcloud’s secure data center. Incremental server image backups, or deltas, are then replicated automatically into the Shadowcloud on a daily basis. These images can be accessed through the Shadowcloud web-based management portal, where they can be restored to run as virtual machines.

Compliant. Secure. Available.

The Doyenz Shadowcloud has been developed using a comprehensive, multi-layered approach designed to deliver exceptional availability, performance, and security.

Shadowcloud is hosted in a Tier 3, SAS 70 Type II audited data center, and our systems and infrastructure have been designed from inception to maximize data security and information availability. Our documented and reviewed internal control framework meets SAS 70 Type II certific-tion and HIPAA data management requirements.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP Professional 32 bit, 64 bit
  • Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, Ultimate 32 bit, 64 bit
  • Windows 7 Business, Enterprise, Ultimate 32 bit, 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2003 All Versions 32 bit, 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 All version 32 bit, 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2008 All Versions 32 bit, 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 All Versions 32 bit, 64 bit
  • Windows Small Business Server 2003
  • Windows Small Business Server 2008

Software Requirements

For virtualized environments, the host server must be running:

  • Any licensed version of ESXi/ESX/vSphere from 3.5 update 2 onwards

The following versions of the free VMware ESXi product:

  • VMware ESXi Server 3.5 Update 3 | 06 Nov 2008 | *Build 123630
  • VMware ESXi Server 3.5 Update 2 | 13 Aug 2008 | *Build 110268

For physical environments, the server must be running:

  • StorageCraft ShadowProtect™ Server Edition versions 3.5 and 4.x
  • StorageCraft ShadowProtect™ SBS Edition versions 3.5 and 4.x
  • StorageCraft ShadowProtect™ Desktop Edition versions 3.5 and 4.x

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