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Why Cloud-Based Backup is Critical for Your Small Business

It’s 2014 and the way we store our information is getting more and more complex, especially since many companies are looking to reduce paper consumption, cut costs, and make data more secure. Luckily, Cloud-based storage is making these goals easy to achieve while providing many additional benefits.

cloud-services-imgCloud-based storage provides easy access to storage capacity while reducing the need to buy, install, and manage as much infrastructure.  This allows cloud providers to create a set of easily accessible storage services for businesses and cost-effectively deliver advanced functionality on-demand.  The cost and ease-of-use advantages of cloud-based storage are attractive to enterprises of all sizes and are particularly relevant for small and medium enterprises that could not even consider expensive options for online secondary storage in the past. Here’s why Cloud-based backup is so critical for your business.

  • Cloud-based storage is not just saved at one physical location.  A typical Cloud provider will use multiple data centers that are geographically diverse.  With data stored securely in multiple locations, you no longer have to worry about what might happen should your backup storage fail.
  • Cloud backup is highly secure, encrypting your files automatically before archiving them. Using Cloud-based back-up in addition to your local back-up will ensure your data is highly guarded.
  • Having your data backed up in Cloud-based storage also means ease of retrieval.  In an emergency situation, you can recover and restore data quickly from any location.
  • You know the old saying, “backup and backup often?” With Cloud-based storage, it’s automatic. This means no more wondering if you remembered to backup your server on Friday or not. (As with anything automatic, it’s best to monitor your Cloud-based backup regularly to ensure it is meeting all your backup needs).
  • The overall cost to backup your data to an online Cloud-based service provider will reduce your business storage cost overall comparatively. Because Cloud storage doesn’t require expensive physical servers, increasing or decreasing your storage capacity is quick, easy, and less expensive.

With so many advantages over traditional backup methods, Cloud-based backup is becoming critical for businesses of all sizes. It’s a secure and practicable approach to backing up all of your storage needs.

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